Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Glock

For Glock Gen 3,4,5 models 19,17,23,32,38,22,24,31,34,35,37,43

Guide rod for Gen 5 Glock

Selecting a Glock Guide Rod Spring

What is a good spring weight for a Glock 19 is a very good question. Not only is spring weight an important part of making the proper of choice of guide rod, a high quality upgrade will help make your Glock more accurate and repeatable. Bottom line is a stainless steel guide rod for a Glock provides an upgrade in performance. The decision regarding choosing the spring weight might seem challenging with all the information on the internet. Best and simplest method is to start out with a factory spring weight. Look, if it shoots fine and you are happy with how it cycles then don't change it. 

When you use a can or even a highly modified slide its hard to know what is going to be needed. Again, its best to shoot and test different spring weights until it works for you. Keep in mind a lower spring weight will create issues with the barrel locking up so you will have a spread out group. Same goes for the different powder loads and bullet weight, just take some notes at the range on how it performs with this bullet and that load. Keep notes and be consistent with your testing and you will eventually find the "sweet spot". If you are running a stock Glock with factory loaded ammunition an 18 lb spring for the Glock 19. Selecting the best guide rod for a stock Glock 17 with factory rounds would be one with a 17 lb spring.

G19 Gen 5 black guide rod

Stainless Guide Rod for Glock 19 Gen 5

Now you can have the advantage of a flat wire spring recoil rod for the Glock Gen 5 model 19.                                            

Gen 3 Polished Dome tip for Glock 19

Polished Dome Tip Guide Rod for Glock 19 Gen 3

Dome tip is hand polished for the ultimate appearance. Top half of rod is also polished so spring has a very smooth surface to rub on.

G43 stainless guide rod

Guide Rod for Glock G43

Black stainless rod and adapter are clean looking performance upgrade for a G43. Upgrade to a single flat wire spring for consistency and longer spring life.

Short tip guide rod for Glock 19 Gen 3

Short Tip Guide Rod for Gen 3 Glock 19

End of guide rod is flush with front of slide. For either a new fresh look or additional front end clearance.                              

Button head guide rod for Glock 20

Button Head Guide Rod for Glock 20

Smooth button head tip is available in bare stainless or black stainless. With your choice of spring weight.                            

Black tip guide rod for Glock 19 Gen 3

Black Tip Guide Rod for Glock Gen 3 G19

Black stainless guide rod with your choice of spring. For a clean and simple look our plain tip rod is a a great upgrade for a  Gen 3 Glock 19


Plain Tip Stainless Steel Guide Rod for glock 19 Gen 3

Competition grade flat wire spring and stainless steel rod.

Glock 19 bare rod

Bare G 19 Stainless Guide Rod no spring

Spring not included, you can use your original spring with this guide rod

Hex Tip Glock 19 Gen 3

Hex Tip Stainless Steel Guide Rod Upgrade for Glock 19 Gen 3

American made high quality guide rod and your choice of spring weight.

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